Bubble Wrap: A Reliable & Recyclable Packaging Solution

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Packaging solutions have advanced over the years with bubble wrap becoming a prominent solution for many businesses and those who are packaging items. In fact, if you look at all of the leading sellers around the world, you will notice they use bubble wraps on a regular basis. Hence, you have to look into this when it comes to finding quality solutions for your packaging needs and wrapping purposes.

If you are wondering whether or not bubble wrap is recyclable as that’s important in this day and age, read on to know all about it.

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What is Bubble Wrap?

Before looking at its various uses, you want to define what bubble wrap is in the first place.

Bubble wrap is a transparent plastic designed to help cushion items and protect them while being moved from one location to another. This was created in the 50s by inventors who were supposed to create plastic wallpaper but eventually turned out into a good packaging solution to help protect items. They noticed this did a good job of protecting fragile products.

The pliability of this solution along with how easy it was to create made it a no-brainer for those who were setting up a long-term solution.

Uses of Bubble Wrap

What is bubble wrap used for? Where is it commonly seen when it comes to regular use? Is it rare or are there a lot of people who are putting this to use?

Bubble wrap is still one of the most popular forms of packaging with genuine protection going. It’s one that hasn’t changed despite advances being made. It is a solution that works well.

Bubble WrapPhotography: Flickr | gdelcarmen

Its primary purpose is to cushion and protect items from breakage during shipment. For example, let’s say you’re putting glass in a box and wrapping it up. You’ll want to make sure the glass doesn’t rattle from one side to the other inside while moving it around. This is where you’re going to put in quality bubble wrap to keep it still in the middle of the box. This is one of the most important uses of bubble wrap.

Another usage of bubble wrap is for entertainment purposes for kids. Many children enjoy popping the bubbles. They as well find it to be fun and something they can do during pastime. While this was not an intended use, it does come up as an entertainment solution for children.

Is Bubble Wrap Recyclable?

The main concern is whether or not bubble wrap can be recycled.

It is important to note that these bubble wraps are made from polyethylene film. This means it is not going to be put in a regular bin for recycling like any other material. It is instead going to require a particular process to be implemented before recycling takes place.

Several facilities can take care of this. They will be able to handle all bubble wrap requirements for people who are going to be using the material. It is best to figure these details out in advance.

However, yes it can be recycled. Many people around the world are recycling bubble wrap with the right equipment.

If you are convinced that bubble wrap is the best option when it comes to a high-grade, reusable packaging solution, then you will have to find a good bubble wrap supplier. In Melbourne, you will have Pinpak as the most trusted name in quality plastic packaging including bubble wrap. We are the ultimate option that can solve all your packaging problems.

With our range of premium quality packaging, you will be assured of the perfect cushioning for your most valuable items. Relying on our products including our bubble wrap guarantees you of quality, consistency, and overall value. Get in touch with us today or visit our website at www.pinpak.com.au for more information.

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Decorating Your Living Room And Dining Room

Decorating Your Living Room And Dining Room

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If you’re in the process of decorating your home, you’ll want to pay close attention to your living room and dining room. These are two rooms that people will be spending a lot of time in when they come over to your house. You will want to make sure that these rooms make a positive impression.


Follow these tips as you work to decorate your living room and dining room.


Avoid Blank Walls

If your room has blank walls, it won’t really feel like a home. Paint, artwork, and photographs are what can help to bring a room to like.

If your walls are currently blank, you should start looking for ways you can add some character to them. Buy some inexpensive art and start hanging it up. Find a nice frame for some of your favorite family photos.

If you don’t have a lot of money for fancy frames, consider going to your local thrift store. You can often buy inexpensive artwork there. You can take the original piece out of the frame and use it for whatever you want.


Use All Of The Space That You Have

If you don’t have a lot of space, you should make sure that you’re actually using all of the space that you have. If there is room to store something under your couch, then you should take advantage of that space. If your ottoman has storage, throw your extra pillows and blankets there.

Work to eliminate clutter in these two rooms. As the saying goes, there should be a place for every item in your home. If you have that, it’ll be easy to keep everything in its proper place.


living room


Get The Right Kind Of Lighting

If you really want to make your living room pop, you’re going to want the right kind of lighting. If you have nice big windows, make sure that plenty of natural light can flow through. If you have an alcove, add some back lighting so that everyone can see what’s inside of them.

If you have the proper lighting for your home, you shouldn’t have any kind of lighting issues. You should be able to keep your home brightly lit under any circumstances.


Add Extra Touches

Find ways to add little finishing touches. A well-placed rug or some attractive throw pillows can bring any room to life.

If you’re struggling to figure out these little details, you may want to try looking at some other living rooms and dining rooms for inspiration. You can take the elements you like about their rooms and bring those elements into your own room. You’ll be able to decorate your home from top to bottom!

If you’re having a hard time decorating your living room and dining room, make sure you try these tips. You should feel happy every time you step in to these rooms. These rooms are a place for celebration; a place for people to come together. Make sure you’re proud of their designs.

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Famous Furniture Stores To Buy From

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furniture store

Some stores are famous for their quality, pricing, and overall customer service. You will want to get most of your furniture from them because you know they are the real deal and are not going to swindle you along the way. They will give you a good deal that is not only fair but is going to be something others have received in the past.

You can trust them.

Who are these big four when it comes to famous furniture stores and what they have to offer.

1) Ikea

The big option that most people will know is this one. Ikea is a Swedish furniture store and is adored by one and all. It is a national symbol in that part of the world, and it has come across the planet. People love the fact they can get a bargain when they walk through the door.

Plus, the distinctive aspect of this furniture is the DIY component to their furniture and how it is set up.

You are not getting ready to go furniture; instead, you will have to build it out, and they are famous for this. A lot of people know their furniture for this reality.

2) Ashley Furniture

This is a luxury furniture store, and when people talk about quality, the will often cite this as the number one furniture store. They are high-priced, but you are also not going to see designs like this in other stores, and the rarity of these items is a winning option for people who want great furniture.

Ashley Furniture is also renowned for being great with its customers as they like to care for them and provide tremendous deals when it comes to warranties.

They know you want the best, and they spend time on giving it to you.

3) Rooms To Go

This is a prominent option in many places around the world. They have spread, and they are adored by millions of shoppers who would not want to go with anyone else. They have great prices and are one of the leading options in the South. They know what is required, and they have a lot of variations on offer that make it unique.

They don’t just go with one type of look as other stores do, they spread their wings, and that is why people love them.

You can find something that suits your taste when you have selected Rooms To Go.

4) Berkshire

Are you looking for serious luxury? Do you want to get furniture that other people don’t have? Do you want quality that is going to stand out as soon as your interior designing is done?

Berkshire is the number one option in this regard because not only are they known for quality, people can tell when you have bought from them.

They have rare items that are made in-house, and they know what quality is all about. They get the best designers to create furniture that is not only good to look at but modernistic as well.

These are the top four leading furniture stores, and it makes sense they are right at the top when it comes to sales as well. People love buying from them, and that is how they fill up their homes. Who doesn’t want to get something that is stylish and can fit in with the times?

You want something that is built to last and is going to have a good price attached to it. Well, these are the major stores that will win you over and give you great furniture.

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