Bring Your Living Room To Life With These Tips

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Your living room is the place where you live. It is the one room you spend the most waking time in. It is where you watch TV, read a magazine and spend time with friends and family. Your living room is where you entertain your guests and play with the kids, so it is important that the living room be comfortable and have a design that works for your needs. Read on to learn some easy tips that can make your living room more inviting.

Focus On The Seating Arrangements

You first have to think about the purpose of your living room and how you want to use it. When you are arranging your furniture think about creating areas within the room. You can make a reading nook where you can cuddle in a big comfortable chair. Make sure there is a lamp and small table to set your drinks on that is within reach.

Circular seating is fantastic for entertaining as it makes talking much easier. For example, you can have a couch against one wall with a loveseat or chair opposite the couch. Make sure that the space is a comfortable place for conversation.

Don’t Forget The Art

Your living room isn’t compete without some lovely art to show off. Choose one wall that you want to showcase and fill it with framed art in different sizes and patterns. Mix it up and arrange it so that it looks interesting. You can leave the other walls blank or just add one piece of art to them. You want your main accent wall to stand out. It often looks best if you make this accent wall the one behind the couch.

Add Depth With Mirrors And Bookcases

Oversize bookcases and mirrors make a room more interesting and add visual appeal. Putting in a mirror is going to bring in more light, making the room look bigger. Mirrors also act like windows which gives more appeal to the room.

Bookcases give a homey feel to the room and creates visual interest in the room. Don’t just put in a tiny bookcase however. You want to go big with a large bookcase that has an impressive feel. You don’t have to fill the entire thing with books either. You can use the shelves to display your curios and other items.

Know The Importance Of Lighting

Lighting has a huge role to play when it comes to living room design. The wrong lighting can make your living room harsh and uninviting. You want your lighting to make you look attractive, not like you are a corpse. Think layers of light that you can control to create multiple moods in the room.

Make your ceiling fixture a focal point and then put in an array of floor and table lamps. You are definitely going to want a lamp on the side of the sofa and swing arm lamps can be attached to the wall. When it comes to your living room, the more lamps the better.

Splurge On Rugs

Your floor coverings can add a lot to your living room as well. You don’t have to go with a boring beige rug. Add a colorful area rug and splurge on the most expensive rug you can buy. Add in a pop of color and make your living room a place you love to be in.

Your living room has the potential to be your favorite room in your house. Take the time to come up with design styles that suit your budget and your lifestyle.

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Benefits Of Handmade Home Decoration

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do it yourself decor
Handmade home decorations are becoming more and more every day. There are numerous ideas that have flooded the decor markets and more are still being made. This is because most people have realized that there are several benefits to using handmade home decorations.
These are such as; handmade decorations are cheaper to create since one only needs to use the previous items that they had to make a new creation. With a little bit of direction, something that was considered to be waste is transformed in to a beautiful piece for the home.

Other than that, they also enable one to use their artistic skills for good use. There are plenty of people who would love to be decorators but have not got the proper market. These people can try their hand at homemade decoration. They can create new ideas and what’s more they are able to use their skills to make affordable designs and pieces.

There is an authenticity to homemade decorations. This is because instead of being manufactured at a factory, the ideas are created by a person as the process of decoration goes by. This means that they can create any kind of mood that they want.

With homemade decor, one can make the particular designs that they like and adjust them to what they see is suitable, unlike other kinds of decorations, where one has to stick to a particular design since it cannot be changed. There is also the fact that there is less pollution in the environment as one will mostly use the materials at hand to make the decorations. Any old furniture or other household items can be converted to decorations simply by adding something little.

Some useful ideas for homemade decorations are such as; converting an old door to an outside table. One can paint the door, put it on some stands and use it to create an outdoor sitting area. Apart from that, you can also use glass bowls to create colorful lamp shades. This can be one by painting colors on the bowl that will glow when the bulb is placed inside.

You can reuse any plastic containers that you have to create flower holders in the home. This way, you will save yourself a lot of money since you will not buy expensive flowerpots, and there will be no plastic waste.

There are plenty of other easy handmade decoration tips that one can find on the internet.

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Tips for Buying Outdoor Furniture

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outside exterior with sea view from terrace

Having comfortable, durable furniture that can withstand various elements can help transform your backyard into a usable outdoor space where you can relax with your closest friends and family. However, not just any furniture will do; you need to choose furniture that is not only stylish, but that is also capable of withstanding whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

The following tips for buying outdoor furniture should help you select the best furniture for your needs:

  1. Start by planning your outdoor space

  2. Before you begin shopping for furniture, spend some time thinking about which pieces will add the most functionality to your yard. Do you want a patio table with an umbrella where you and your family can enjoy casual barbecues, or do you prefer a wicker sofa and matching chairs to create more of an outdoor room?

    You may find it helpful to sketch out several different furniture layouts on a piece of paper before deciding which one is best. If you run out of ideas, don’t hesitate to go online and look for pegs. There are plenty of websites dedicated to outdoor design that can provide the perfect inspiration for your space.

  3. Look for low-maintenance furniture

  4. Unless you want to spend your whole summer covering and uncovering your furniture to protect it from the weather, it is important to look for pieces that can withstand the weather without having to look after it every now and then. Generally, metal furniture is a good choice, as those pieces made from hearty wood such as teak. If you have any doubts, ask a sales associate about what type of care is required for a particular piece of furniture before purchasing it.

  5. Put comfort before looks

  6. As hard as it may be, you need to make style your second priority. Your main concern should be to find furniture that is extremely comfortable to sit on. It doesn’t matter how pretty the furniture is if it is too uncomfortable to use. Try using the furniture before buying it. Imagine how it would feel to be seated for an entire meal or an outdoor gathering. Is the height of the seating right? Does the furniture have boards or straps that press uncomfortably into your skin? Only choose the most comfortable pieces for your back yard.

  7. Think about the off-season

  8. Do you live in a climate where you have to store your furniture for the winter? If so, you may want to choose pieces that can be folded or collapsed to reduce their size. This can make them easier to store, and is a particularly good idea if you have limited space.

  9. Choose pieces that fit within your budget

  10. Ideally, you should try to buy your patio furniture outright rather than finance it. You should, however, consider buying the highest quality pieces that fit comfortably within your budget. In general, furniture that is more expensive will last longer than furniture that is cheaply made. However, you should never spend more than you can afford.

Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your yard or patio can help you create a welcoming space where you will enjoy kicking off your shoes and relaxing after a hard day at work. Just be sure to carefully think about factors such as maintenance, storage and comfort when choosing the pieces that will match your space.

Additionally, try to avoid the temptation to spend more than you can afford. It is generally a good idea to start with a few high quality pieces that fit within your budget and build your furniture collection from there.

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